BUCD seeks to inspire change in the Democratic Party by motivating young progressives to get involved in the political sphere. We are recommitting ourselves to the local politics of Boston but we encourage our members to pursue political involvement at whatever level and type interests them, be that local campaigns, the state party structure, or national political organizations.

BUCD also seeks to have an engaged presence on the Boston University Campus. Our goal is to establish ourselves at Boston University so that we can work towards having a more politically engaged student body as a whole.

Executive Board

Anna Stroinski


senior | history and philosophy
email Anna

Caroline Brantley

vice president

junior | political science
email Caroline

Benjamin Levy


junior | political science
email Ben

Nancy Santarsiero


senior | political science
email Nancy


Eva Jungreis

communications director

senior | behavioral economics
email Eva

Emily Cararra

social media coordinator

senior | international relations
email Emily

Rassa Abrahim

legislative director

junior | political science
email Rassa

Angelo Schimmenti

progressive campus coordinator

sophomore | undeclared
email Angelo


Dylan Nunez


sophomore | political science and economics
email Dylan